Michael Summerfield … Councilman


Hi there! Did you ever get so frustrated with your Town and elected officials you decide to do something about it? I’m here to undo the Town motto: “That’ll never happen!!! .. and let me tell you WHY!!!”

Michael as Super Hero (thanks Daniel!)

We need to Protect, Preserve and Promote our Town.  We need to elevate the stature of the Town to attract new businesses, tourists and residents.  The Town hasn’t bounced back after the Great Recession as other towns have.  Plus, we’re in danger of being overwhelmed by the fastest growing demographic in Orange County.  If we want to preserve our identity, we have to first create one, make improvements to make the Town more attractive, reduce the tax burden and boost the school ratings.  All of these steps will help encourage young families to locate here, businesses will spring up to serve them and through promotion, tourists will flock here see the fabulous natural beauty that surrounds us, enjoy the numerous hiking, biking and kayaking opportunities and explore our town when they visit the Storm King Art Center outdoor sculpture museum.

This web page and blog will follow the progress of my efforts for the community!